In the previous blog, we discussed the working of App Store Optimization, benefits, importance and many more things. In this blog, we will describe the key features of App Store Optimization (ASO). It will be effective because various key features of app store optimization that are responsible for placing an application in the result.

60-70% of users come from mobile and thousands of applications launch in the market (Worldwide). But only a few applications get a good audience, why? This question arises every app developer’s mind because they want to see their application in good positions.

First of all, we have to understand that all applications are not the same. Which means all are different-different purpose and functionality. For example Games, Education, Business and many more. The goal of ASO to improve app organic presence and downloads but supplemental goals too like app branding, exposure, app feedback, and ratings, etc.

Basic key features of ASO:                                         

  • App Title Optimization: Make sure that your app brand name is understandable. You can add relevant keywords with the help of a dash or semicolon. The app name format like this – “App Name: keywords or App Name – Keywords”.

  • Sub-Title Optimization: The app sub-title plays an important role that gives opportunities to rank the mobile application. Generally, publishers don’t add or forget to add sub-title. The contents of your subtitle will be indexed in the app store search.

  • Promotional Text Optimization: The first 2 lines of plays an important role & purpose is to let users attract. Promotional text optimization is an important factor that should be integrated into the ASO strategy and optimized regularly.

  • Keywords Optimization: To get the best result, you must use the best keywords which are relevant to your application. Always select relevant keywords that have high traffic & low difficulty. To finalize the right keywords, always focus on these points because it is important for the App Store Optimization.

  • Description Optimization: Once relevant keywords are selected then start implementing into your app description. The description must relevant to the app and describe each point wise. To optimize the app description follow the keyword implementation techniques according to iOS and Google Play Store app store optimization policy.

Advance Key Features of ASO:

  • Icon Optimization: The app Icon extremely important which should be eye-catching, trendy & attractive. It should be trustworthy and professional for mobile users. The app Icon should be clean, simple and also should be relevant to your app. This may help increase the mobile app download and feedback.

  • Screenshot Optimization: The app Screenshots will show all the information. Use a minimum of 5 screenshots to get better results of your app optimization. The first few screenshots are enough to explain the features of the app. Because if a user does not scroll all screenshots then they can get a good impression.

  • App Store Localization: It is the process to translate your app into different languages. According to experts if you localize the application then you can get a massive boost in your app downloads. It boosts your app ranking that increases app visibility and downloads both.

  • Improve App Feedback: The success of ASO is driven by one more major factor that is called app feedback and ratings. The high number of app ratings and reviews attract users to install the app. These reviews and ratings satisfy the user’s needs and help to optimize the mobile app.

  • App Push Notification: Push notifications notify users of new events or messages, even when the users are not using your application. Push notifications are widely used to inform or update the user about new features, updates, events, etc.

So this is all about the features of app store optimization. We hope you can understand now the importance of ASO. Kindly share your comments through the below section.