App Localization is a language platform with a simple meaning of localization. It is a part of App Store Optimization which is used to target their local audience. With the help of app localization, users can easily understand the mobile application. It may double your app ranking and maximize your app downloads.

When we talk about app localization, the first question arises in our mind is which country we should choose first? Your app target audience must be clear. Here, we suggest some languages like Russian, European Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, etc. These languages are mostly used for localization but you can also choose other languages according to your target audience and requirements.

Benefits of App Localization :

  • Extend customer base to get frequently new users.
  • Fully localized app get better experience & engagement.
  • A localized app gets first entry and access in the global market.
  • Get global growth for your mobile app with proper localization and translation.
  • Many people use the app in the English language but to get the real value it comes from their actual local language.

Importance of App Localization :

For application growth app localization is extremely important to drive more users. When your app is available for the worldwide audience then only ASO is not enough to drive more downloads. Localization plays an important role because people around the world do not speak the same languages. The app store localization not only improves your app search ranking but also showcase your app with more audiences that increase more downloads.

Advantage of Localization :

  • Save valuable time.
  • Increase app visibility.
  • Get more engagement & downloads.
  • Increase the app presence from the worldwide area.

List of Localization Tools :

Tool Name Website

Conclusion :

The app localization is not an easy task but you may experience after implementing properly. Some times localization is not necessary because of your target audience English countries, where most people use the English language. Then app store optimization is a better option as compared to app localization. For more details about app localization, we have experts or anything to add, feel free to leave a comment or contact us.