A logo is a first impression that represents your business and brand both. A logo can be represented in multiple ways such as graphic symbol “Nike”, text format “IBM” or include both elements. It is challenging to accept which one is better, but it should be conceptual. Keep your audience and services/products in mind, because it reflects your business. Logos should be strong and balanced because they are easy to read and understandable.

It is part of your brand identity and visuals make it unique. When people saw your business then the first thing comes in mind is the brand that is Logo. Creating a logo is challenging and needs practice. If you are new to graphic design, then follow these tips to make an attractive logo design.

Steps to design a creative Logo:-

    • Do Research: Before designing a logo you must do proper research on it. You need to know all the things about that particular brand like their name, tagline, product, services, etc. The concern with your client, what he or she needs to show in their particular logo design is essential. Always make sure that your logo symbolizes everything that you want a user to think while seeing it.

    • Make a concept: Every logo has a concept behind it that defines the brand. It is essential because it says the meaning to the viewer in it’s first impression. Every successful brand has a great concept in their logo. Let’s take an example of FedEx logo, while watching it carefully we can see an arrow that symbolizes the speed, accuracy, and perfection of the company to achieve the goal. This is the concept behind their logo which identifies the purpose and goal of the company.

    • Draw a sketch: Now you are ready with a good concept so start drawing it. Make a rough sketch of your logo and make sure to draw it using a particular drawing technique. It helps to increase your skills and you can make a proper outcome of your mind’s creativity. Then specify the size and shape of your logo and make it as good as you can. Always make sure to design your logo in this way like you are a viewer and what you think while watching it.

    • Make it vector: Scan a copy of your sketch and draw it using suitable software to concerted into a digital one. Colors play an important role in your logo. Choose the appropriate colors which show the work and specify the meaning of the company. Colors must be eye-catching which defines your brand. Using a good color combination creates a powerful impact on your viewers. Always create a vector file of your logo to make it accessible for printing in future also. Make three copies of your logo; one is black, the second is white, and the third one is the original color. It helps your clients to easily use the logo in different perspectives.

    • Deliver: When everything is ready you can deliver the logo to your client. Deliver them all the copies and shows them the concept of it. Receive your client’s feedback that what particular thing he/she like the most or the unnecessary things in it. If any changes required then make them accordingly. Keep in mind always that a logo should tells a story itself.


A logo is a major part of a company’s growth. It defines the meaning and purpose of the company as well. Always remember to design a logo while thinking like a viewer. It is a brand of a company which is responsible for it’s better growth and more customer’s reach. A brand logo is to communicate with the viewer and create something memorable which represents quality to your customers. These steps help beginners to see how they can create a conceptual logo design for business.