Thousands of applications launch in a month but only a few applications successful in the App Store & Google Play store market. It’s not worth it because to develop an application it takes a few months to develop any application. To get the fruits of your hard work then it is important to know what are the strategies to boost the app and get downloads.

The main aim of making the app is to get a return of investment or we can say revenue through maximum downloading. Now you might be thinking about how it can be possible? Here some tips that will help you to boost app downloads using App Store Optimization techniques (ASO). It increase the app traffic on app and improve the app organic presence and visibility.

What is ASO?

ASO stands for App Store Optimization which improves the app ranking in Google Play Store and App Store using their policy. It drives traffic direct on application and bring more organic users and audience. Organic presence may increase app downloads that generate revenue for your app.

Why ASO Important?

Well over 2 million applications are available on the app stores. To get your app in front of the right audience this is one of the biggest challenges. If you spent a little time and effort each week on your app improvement then it will enable you to reap the benefits and generate organic downloads.

Benefits of ASO :
  • ASO increase search discovery and app sales.
  • It may improve the app search results and immediate app comprehension.
  • ASO increase the app ranking through recommendations in category and sub-category both.
  • With suitable graphics (Icon, Screenshot & Video) suggestions may help to recall brand & increase conversion.
Factors of ASO :
  • App Name
  • Title & Subtitle
  • Promotional Text
  • App Preview Video
  • App Retention Rate
  • Keywords Research
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • App Store Localization
  • Graphics Optimization
  • Number of Downloads
Conclusion :

This is all about the tips to boost your app downloads using app store optimization techniques. Hope the information will be useful for you. For more information about ASO, we have experts that help you to ensure about ASO strategy. If you have questions or anything to add, feel free to leave a comment or contact us.