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Features of App Store Optimization

Features of Mobile App Store Optimization

Features of Mobile App Store Optimization

In the previous blog, we discussed the working of App Store Optimization, benefits, importance and many more things. In this blog, we will describe the key features of App Store Optimization (ASO). It will be effective because various key features of app store optimization that are responsible for placing an application in the result.

60-70% of users come from mobile and thousands of applications launch in the market (Worldwide). But only a few applications get a good audience, why? This question arises every app developer’s mind because they want to see their application in good positions.

First of all, we have to understand that all applications are not the same. Which means all are different-different purpose and functionality. For example Games, Education, Business and many more. The goal of ASO to improve app organic presence and downloads but supplemental goals too like app branding, exposure, app feedback, and ratings, etc.

Basic key features of ASO:                                         

Advance Key Features of ASO:

So this is all about the features of app store optimization. We hope you can understand now the importance of ASO. Kindly share your comments through the below section.

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