Social media is an important part of any marketing plan. In other words, social media is necessary for your business to thrive in today’s digital environment. It makes no difference how beautiful your brand’s Instagram account is if no one sees it. Here are some ideas for promoting your Instagram page and increasing traffic.

Follow these steps on a regular basis to gain more Instagram followers for free:

  1. Actually encourage your Instagram account.
  2. Create material that is exclusively available on Instagram
  3. Make use of relevant hashtags
  4. Make an effort to interact with other Instagram users.
  5. Add additional individuals to your followers list
  6. Actively post on Instagram


Select a username that is straightforward, searchable, and easy to understand. If your username is spelled differently, you can uppercase the first letter of each word, use punctuation, or choose anything else. If your preferred username is not accessible, try combining the words or separating them with commas.

It is critical to maintain consistency. If your Instagram handle does not correspond to your company name, you should seriously consider altering it. It should also match your username on other social media sites to ensure that your branding is consistent across all social media channels.

Maintain your bio brief and to the point

This is where you should put a brief description, your location, your website, and any other information you believe is relevant to your followers. The problem is that you only have 150 characters to express yourself.

Use your bio to briefly explain your company’s services. Because you have limited space, adopt a voice that truly portrays your brand. Also, be sure to include the URL to your website in your profile! Because URLs can’t be posted anywhere else, here is your chance to drive followers to your website. You can refer to it in your individual postings, as we will discuss later.

If you have a tagline, it may be appropriate to include it here. You should also include any hashtags that are particular to your brand so that users can notice them straight away.

Hard sales should be avoided

Be as discrete as possible in your advertising. Nobody wants to follow an account whose sole purpose is to promote a product. Users follow companies for the material they provide, so what you share should be of interest to your target demographic to develop social media marketing. Instagram is ideal for displaying your brand’s individuality. The hard sales should be left to your website and start to promote only trusted and well worked paid advertising.

Captions on postings are of high quality

A nice caption will help readers remember your content and will entice them to revisit it. If your captions are really outstanding, viewers may take the time to scroll through your posts to see what you’ve previously stated. Your captions have a significant impact on the direction of your postings. You may also foster interaction by providing people a reason to like, comment on, or share your article with others. One method to accomplish this is to ask a question in your caption, which will encourage others to remark on your post in graphic design.

Hopefully, you’ve already discovered a few popular, but not overly popular, hashtags related to your business. Now, go to Instagram and search for these hashtags. Instagram should offer hashtags that are similar to yours. Look through them to identify more relevant hashtags for your brand. Nevertheless, avoid using too many hashtags in a single social media post.

Follow More Instagram Users

Start following more people and getting involved! While there is no optimum follower-to-follower ratio, you should follow as many individuals as possible. When you go to your Instagram notifications page. This will show you all of the posts that the people you follow are commenting on. You’re likely to share similar interests and enjoy many of the posts and individuals that those you’re following enjoy.

More Instagram posts

We’re all aware that a dormant or neglected account will remain dormant. Instagram is no different while trying to increase followers. Try to publish at least a couple times each week, preferably once every day. The more you post, the more hashtags you use, and the more you interact with other Instagrammers, the quicker your viewership will expand.