Photoshop is the most common practice to edit and transform photos in different styles. Of course, Photoshop mask is the most basic and important tools to learn. With tons of advantages, layer mask provide advanced tools to carry workflow quickly. This will help you achieve some of the best photo effects. Layer masking is the best thing to consider and an essential tool for overlay and others. By adding a layer, you can control what to hide and show on the specific layer. 

Why layer mask is important in Photoshop?

Layer masking in photoshop is very crucial that gives the ability to hide and reveal parts of the layer without deleting them. Of course, it is a very efficient and non-destructive way to work accordingly. This is an essential photoshop effects tool and added a layer to control easily. Layer masks can be used to hide parts of an image, cutting out objects, and adjust specific parts. They use to hide parts of an image and very handy to edit the images as well. It brings forth effort in giving the best solution for trimming and editing the images with a layer mask. Adding photoshop masking techniques to images seems the best process to make the photos a good looking one.

How to add a layer mask to images?

When you decide to use the photoshop clipping mask, you should learn how to do a layer mask to images. This post helps you to edit other effects and does graphic design work as well. By using types of masking in photoshop, you may edit the photo with a nice effect. 

  • At first, open any photo image in Photoshop
  • On the layer panel, see the background layer locked
  • Then, navigate to the bottom of the panel and click Add layer mask
  • You will find options to work with black, grey, and white on layer masks
  • Head over to the toolbar, and select the Brush tool
  • Press D to reset the Foreground/background colors to white and black
  • On the layers panel, make sure you have the graphic design selected
  • To bring back some content, use the White foreground swatch
  • Press X to choose a White forefront color
  • Press Option and click on the Layer mask
  • To delete the layer mask, you can drag the thumbnail towards the trash on the layers panel
  • Start again or apply it before deleting
Layer mask filled with photographic content

If the layer masks can hold grayscale details, you can try out mask a layer with photographic effects. In this post, you can use the textual image of plaster by adding a mask via photo editing. One can create a text which delivers a nice content of the plaster layer by clicking the thumbnail.

The photoshop effects take by pasting the image into the layer mask on the plaster layer. We have to hold the alt/option then click the layer mask thumbnail. One can also tune the layer mask by clicking the layer mask thumbnail again and select Image> Adjustments>brightness and Contrast.  

How to use Layer masks with a selection tool?

Step 1

You can open the image on Photoshop masking and drop another image in the same file. So, it resizes the images you have already chosen and fit the page by pressing Command-T to transform. 

Step 2

On the layers panel, make sure to have another image selected. Then, click on Add Layer mask button. 

Step 3

Then, go to the toolbar and select the Magic Want Tool (W). In the options bar, you have to set the sample size to point sample. Then, choose Tolerance to 32 and check options.

Step 4

On the layers panel, you have the layer masking thumbnail selected. Then, press Command-I to invert the selection from white to black. Finally, press Command D to Deselect.

Step 5:

Make sure to set white and black for the foreground and background colors. To reset them, press D and use X to Toggle between two swatches. The photoshop effects are really good when you resize and apply them to the images. 


From the above, you can learn the Photoshop effects and Photoshop clipping mask quickly. Of course, the photo editing is very easy and we will learn effectively in this tutorial. The Photoshop masking provides a quick solution to hide the colors and images as well.