Graphic design is an interesting field of designing where a designer creates something which attracts all who see it. The purpose of graphic design is to provide some information in a visual or graphics form. Graphics are the combination of shapes, symbols, icons, images, or anything which can create visually.

While creating a design we must know all the basics of designing which can help us to output an ultimate design. It is not just to put some pictures or text using software, rather it is a solution to something which specifies some kinds of information. Our designing area is a great place to show our creativity. When you know how to use this area effectively you will create a great design.

Purpose of Graphic Design: Graphic design is a form of art that is used to convey some information to a viewer. When symbols, shapes, icons, fonts, or colors are combined, they make a beautiful design that can easily communicate the designed information to everyone. In ancient times when there was no language developed, people used graphics to communicate with each other. Hence, it is proven the best way of communication where no language is needed.

Graphics can be easier to understand by anyone. This is because graphics designers use colors, images, and typography in a beautiful to attract users. How to choose colors in our design: Color is an important part of every design. You must know how to use colors appropriately. This can be done with the help of a color wheel. You can make great use of the color wheel by using some formulas:

1) Monochromatic Colors: Choose any one color from the color wheel and find its shades, tints, and tones.
2) Complementary Colors: Opposite to each other in the color wheel.
3) Triadic: Uses three colors that are evenly spaced in the color wheel. Here one color is dominant and the other two colors are accent colors.
4) Rectangle: Use four colors arranged as a rectangle in the color wheel.
5) Analogous: Use colors that are nearby each other.
6) Square: Use four colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel.

Their color formulas work great and make your designs better.

Commons applications of graphic designs:

1) Corporate designs
2) Editorial designs
3) Environmental design
4) Advertising 
5) Web design
6) Communication design
7) Product packaging
8) Signage

Tips and Tricks of graphic design: While do design keep in mind these few things to make your design one level up.

1) Use only two fonts in your design.
2) Divide your layers into four equal parts and place your text in these cross points.
Graphic Design
3) Try to pair your text and decide which style of text suits your design.
4) Take any design from the internet and try to make it exactly like that. This does not mean to copy a design, it is only for learning purpose.
5) Make larger whitespace in your design.
6) Write small fonts on an image and see how it looks. Then make it bigger and then see. Now compare both the fonts and choose the right one.

To learn more about this please watch part 1 – Graphic design tips that will make you a designer overnight by Rajeev Mehta

Things every designer should have in mind while doing graphic designing-

1) The design should convey the information easily.
2) Colors must be selected intelligently.
3) Typography is in a way that can be easily understandable.
4) Your design must be able to attract someone.
5) Try to complete your design in fewer hours.