A highly rated application stand out from the competitors. The positive app ratings and reviews play an important role and act as social proof. If your app has good ratings and reviews than it attracts more people to trust in your application. It may also help to increase the number of app downloads. The negative feedback & ratings not only decrease the app ranking but also decrease the number of app installs.

App Reviews and Ratings checklist –

Push Notifications: Use push notifications that notify users to rate the app. This is one of the best ways to get feedback about your app. This technique may help to keep update the app according to user requirements. Using push notification developers may keep updated with relevant changes. All these changes are suggested by customers like user interface, app preview video, app icon, app screenshots, etc.

Respond to feedback: Respond to your customers who give feedback about your application. Whether they give positive or negative responses just revert them by solving their problems. If your app is getting negative feedback then don’t avoid. Try to find out what is the reason behind and after solving the problem request users to update their feedback negative to positive.

Ask users to give feedback: The best way to get more feedback and ratings by asking your audience. Use push notification or pop up to re-engaging them. The more positive feedback and ratings may increase user trust. Always remember a happy customer more like to share your application with other users too. So by this technique, your app can be reached with more audiences.

Release app updates: Update your app from time to time because it may also reflect on your app ranking and ratings both. When a new update comes then don’t forget to keep notify the users and mentioned about what changes you have done & fixed the problems. Always focus on user’s feedback so if they are facing any problem so you can respond on time. Once the problem is solved then revert your customer by keep notifying them that the problem has been resolve.

Note: A good developer always ready to give a response to their customers whether it is positive or negative feedback. If you give a response on bad reviews too then maybe in future those customers may change their feedback negative to positive. If you have any query then don’t hesitate to ask or share your feedback with us.