India is growing fast in the terms of digitization. Awareness of internet among people and availability of internet at cheaper rates makes India and Indian people more advance. People are trying to figure out the sources to make India a digitally advance country since the introduction of internet in India. So before discussing, can India be the hub of digital marketing, let us first look at the history of digital marketing in India.

During the development of Internet in 1990 the term Digital Marketing was introduced. But that was the time when discussing about Digital marketing was the matter of ‘too early to talk about’. The Internet started expanding in the world and the first digital clickable Banner was introduced in 1993. That was the first time Digital term was used on world level. India saw the development in year 1995 when internet was opened for public access here. Introduction of Google was also the major change in Digital marketing industry. Till 2006 the number of internet users increased to 40 million in India, also Google was on the top among all search engines since it was introduced. Google started looking at the future of digital marketing since that period. The introduction of AdSense and Ad word was the perfect example of booming in digital marketing industry.

This is how India is growing day by day in terms of digitization. Digital Marketing is all about connecting with customers by using online methods. It not only connects a community or a group of people, it connects the whole world. India is one of the countries which can definitely be the Hub of Digital Marketing. Now let us look upon some major reasons which can make India the hub of Digital Marketing.

Reasons which can make India Digital Marketing Hub

  1. Availability of Educated People

The availability of manpower is one of the reasons to attract foreign companies in India. Companies who want to advertise their product are always in the need of good content writers or designers or video editors. A good content, written on the website easily grabs the attention of audiences. A good content writer is the one who writes about company’s product or service in the manner to attract the customers immediately. And there are a lot of unemployed people who are in search of a good job so that they can earn money and feed their families. Those people are easily available for Sellers to promote their product and services as a digital marketer.

  1. Tempting Market

There are more than 130 crore people live in India which gives India the title of second most populous country in the world. As the number of internet users are increasing day by day, the opportunity to promote services and products here is very high. As there is a large number of people, there is big opportunity for sellers to sell their products. That is why Indian market is tempting market for companies outside India.

  1. Use of Social Media

Attraction towards social media is increasing day by day in India. According to the report of Statista, there were 462 million active internet users and 250 million social media users in India till January 2018. And the number is still increasing. Companies know that promoting the product on social media can give them the large number of audience. A majority of population rely upon the advertisements shown on their social media page. And they end up purchasing or reviewing the product or service.

  1. Government Policies

The Government of India is focused to make India Digital. In order to digitize new India, the Government has launched The Digital India campaign in year 2015. The three core components of this campaign are, to develop secure and stable digital infrastructure, delivering Government service digitally and to promote universal digital literacy. E-sign framework, Digital attendance, Digital Locker, E-hospital application, UMANG application etc. are some major actions taken by Government in digital India campaign.

India is the second largest country in Internet Usage after USA. People Love to spend their time on internet. Almost 35% of India’s population are using internet today. 75% from them are on smartphones. In India, whether it is to buy something or to order food or looking for a new product and its review or to search what is going on in this world or to communicate with others, everything has become online. So the fastest and the easiest way to promote any product or service is by going online. That is why we can say that Digital Marketing industry has a bright future in India.