Google uses multiple algorithms to determine the search engine rankings for related search queries and displayed website results. It has become highly skilled and technology-driven that website owners use to rank their websites above all their competitors. Domain authority is considered an important factor among other factors in terms of search engine rankings.

Domain authority is a systematic parameter introduced by Moz – there is a direct relation that if the domain authority is high the website also tends to have high rankings in the search engines that help in receiving a huge amount of traffic. It also signifies the SEO work that you have catapulted to enhance your web page rankings as compared to others. Before going deep further it’s important to understand the concept for these terms:-

Domain Authority (DA):- It’s a metric that is calculated upon the no. of root domain links of the website and the total no. of links associated with the website. Domain Authority is sometimes used to determine the rank strength of the web pages and it’s sometimes credited to revolutionize the link-building activities in the SEO work.

Page Authority (PA):- Page Authority is another metric that sounds similar to DA but it usually measures the root domain linking and ranks the strength of a single website page. This is the major difference between these 2 metrics.

Factors Responsible for Domain Authority (DA) & Page Authority (PA)

Initially, it’s vital to determine the following factors responsible for DA and PA, for a website:-

Root Linking Domains: – This is one of the most vital factors for improving the DA and PA of the WebPages; it helps in enhancing the ranking signals to the search engines for the website. This plays a core part in SEO to enhance the link building and authoritativeness of the website. Natural backlinks are most useful in this aspect to have a clear and natural link profile.

Compelling Content:- Content has always been the king for Google as its directly related to better user experience and readability to help the users find the most accurate information they are looking for. Quality content of the web pages plays a vital role in determining the domain and page authority as it dives deep to calculate the other related prospects also that are directly or indirectly related to user readability and relevant information.

Social Signals: – Social media also is an important metric that Google uses in retrieving and understanding compelling content, like if a brand or website is posting a quality caption, comments, likes, and sharing that helps to get the vital signals for quality content. And also helps in evaluating trust flow and indirectly DA & PA.

Search Engine Optimized:- A website needs to be search engine friendly as a part of SEO of any website – it includes website architecture and other various aspects as well. It directly helps in improving the user navigation on the site. Poor site architecture and search engine unfriendliness affect the crawling and indexing of the website consequently affecting the domain authority.

How to Increase the Domain Authority (DA) & Page Authority (PA)?

Some various activities and measures can be used to improvise the DA & PA of the webpages:-

  • Optimizing the Webpage Content:- Content always plays a major role in improvising the authority of the website as it directly boosts the trust flow and the rank strength of the pages. It’s very necessary to include relevant keywords that are used by the users for search queries while performing the search. It follows the same pattern mentioned earlier, “Content is the king” this is the foremost aspect that Google usually follows to measure the DA & PA.

  • Build Natural Back-Links:- Link building is a very important task to have proper signals to flow for the web pages around the World Wide Web, it is the main thing to execute while improvising the link profile of any website. As a web-owner, it’s a part of guidelines that need to be followed to avoid any algorithmic penalty as well besides maintaining a natural link profile.

Besides that, there are other factors as well like Linkable content usage, better internal linking structure, removal of unwanted and spams links, maintaining authority in the industry, and many more. These are some of the factors that have always contributed to boosting the DA & PA of the website.