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Improve App Ranking using App Store Optimization

Improve App Ranking

Improve App Ranking

This is one of the major questions arises in every app developer’s mind. App Store Optimization (ASO) optimizes the mobile application. This process’s purpose is to achieve a higher app ranking in the Google Play Store & App Store. ASO works the same as search engine optimization (SEO) which we use for websites & for mobile app ranking we use App Store Optimization.

It’s really hard work to implement an app & it’s ridiculous if you don’t get the fruits of any hard work. Definitely, you require a good return for your app development work. Here we share some key features that will help to boost your application using App Store Optimization (ASO).

Basic Key Features:

  1. Title Optimization
  2. Sub-title Optimization
  3. Promotional Text Optimization
  4. Keywords Optimization
  5. Description Optimization

Advance Key Features:

  1. Icon Optimization
  2. Screenshot Optimization
  3. App Store Localization
  4. Improve App Feedback
  5. App Push Notification
  6. Choose right Category

What ASO Do?

ASO improves app keywords search ranking on App Store as well as on Google Play Store. The higher app ranking in an app store’s search results increases more visibility of application. To achieve the goal, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis of who is a potential customer of a particular application (who will perform the download).

Why is ASO important?

According to Forrester, 63% of applications are discovered through the app store search. This search method is used in the app store for discovering and downloading new apps. It optimizes a mobile application to give more visibility and get thus increase the number of downloads in-store apps (Google Play & App Store).

Benefits of ASO:-

Factors Affecting ASO

To perform ASO you need to look to your competitors, your users & employ the use of some key app tools. In this series, we will break down the steps to perform ASO to improve the performance of the app name, icon, screenshot & product description.

Conclusion: In this blog, we have put the information about improve app ranking using the App store optimization techniques. In our next blog, we will explain the key features of App Store Optimization. Till that, if you have any questions then feel free to contact us through our website.

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